About Us

About Us

Evangelical Mission Hospital, Tilda started the School of Nursing in 1933, to provide nursing training to people from the local community, so that the general health and awareness of the community might improve. Though initially exclusive to male trainees, it was later extended in 1944 to include female students as well, as the need for nurses was seen to be on the rise every year. And over the years, the school has produced 1226 nurses who are serving at different hospitals, both in India and abroad. 

The Nursing School is recognised the Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi, the Chhattisgarh State Nursing Council,Raipur,  the Mid-India Board of Education and is a part of the Nurses League of the Christian Medical Association of India, Nagpur. 

At present the School offers a "Diploma in General Nursing and Mid-Wifery" for single male and female aspirants. 


We as the School of Nursing, Tilda believe in:

         1. Promoting health in the spirit of service and sacrifice which Christ practised, by being of service to others irresepective of any barriers. 

         2. Providing nursing training and education of the highest level to both men and women, equipping them to provide the best possible care to those in need. 

         3. Promote nursing training, medical services, and community-health work on behalf of the Church of North India.

         4. Promoting health of the community through effective medical and nursing services in the villages, opening new doors for social change.